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From her heart, her creative journey.....

In April 2019 Covid-19 shut down our local primary school sending our world as we knew it into chaos. Lucy was in year 1 and like all her friends, we all went to online learning, home-schooling! .....every playground, dance studio & every shop was ordered to close & life went digital.

Like most little kids, Lucy loves lollies & she would save her money from unpacking the dishwasher to buy lollies or sometimes presents & toys for friends or family from our local corner gift store.... but at the time she was saving for Mothers day coming up in May. With all the shops closed due to the lockdown & bored by all the online learning we thought it would be a fun idea to try making some candles.... After an online purchase & eagerly awaiting delivery - she made 24 candles with the kit & decided she would give some to her friends, to give to their mums for Mothers Day, because they where all missing out going to the Annual Mothers Day Stall at school. With the rest she made a Mothers Day Stall at the front of our home for our community.

She would sit (and still does) set herself up on our driveway for hours, smiling & waving to people as they drive past. Lucy loves the engagement with the community & has really flourished, completed a candle making course & now progressing online!

With help from Mum (Dayna) Dad (Nathan) & sometimes Max is allowed to help, this journey is a lot of fun.

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